Not rocket
Just a really
good meal.

16 years ago I pawned my Fender Telecaster to rebuild a small shack in a small town dedicated to a few simple ideas: that food should be simple, That tin foil is better than plates and that napkins are always optional. That shack became my favorite place on earth, where a hot grill, all-natural dawgs, and homemade buns served over a good conversation are always a man’s best friend. Welcome to J. Dawgs.


Stop by any one of our five locations between Provo and Salt Lake for the best hotdawgs on earth. Free refills and unlimited napkins included.

These dawgs come
when you call

Office parties, block parties, family get togethers, or just a really big lunch. Try thinking of an event that a plateful of J. Dawgs wouldn’t improve. We dare you. To find out how J. Dawgs catering can add some sizzle to your next event, call us at (801) 373-DAWG or email


Can I rent out the shack?

No, but thanks for asking. It's ours and you can't have it. And yes, it's too fancy for weddings.

Can I open a franchise?

We don't franchise. Keeping things privately owned makes us feel very indie

Will you cater my event?

We'd love to! Just fill out the form here, and we'll get back to you.

Where can I buy J. Dawgs merchandise?
And will it look good on me?

Of course it will. You can buy it at any of our locations. Look for an online shop coming soon.

Is J. Dawgs Hiring?

We have been known to hire on occasion, and we're always looking for good people. Fill out this form and drop it off at the location you’re interested in.

Will you donate to [charity]?

We're a big fan of the underdawg. It's in our DNA. We're always open to giving back to a great cause. For a donation request, speak with your local store manager. We evaluate each on a case-by-case basis, but we really love supporting underprivileged children, those with special needs, and the fight against hunger, of course.

What's your story?

It started with a run-down shack, a Fender Telecaster, and a dream. That's me. I sold my Telecaster to fix up the shack and hauled lumber and paint back and forth on a public bus for a year until I opened the first J. Dawgs in 2004. It didn't look like much, but the dawgs tasted great (still do), and you couldn't beat the company. We've grown a bit since then, but we still make each dawg with fresh ingredients and my own family recipe. And we'll never have it any other way.


801 373 DAWG