The Real Faces of J Dawgs: Leland

Tobasco, Red Wing and DeliKat

Meet Leland- an Electrical Engineer Major at Brigham Young University who frequents the Provo store once or twice every week- sometimes more! Read on to learn more about Leland from his Lunch with Jay- we are certain you will like him as much as we do.

J: Where are you from?

L: Oregon.

J: What part?

L: Southern Oregan- Medford.

J: Okay, I'm from Portland.

L: I'm moving up to Hillsborough here in April for work.

J: Who you working for?

L: Intel, heard of them?

J: Ya, that is really cool. What will you be doing for them?

L: Designing processers.

J: So you have to wear a white suit and dance around?

L: The poeple that wear the white suits are only the people that work in the FAB.

J: So you started eating as a freshman? Did you come down from the dorms?

L: Ah I never lived in the dorms.

J: You didn't? You're one of "those" guys?

L: I am one of "those" guys. I came home from my mission and didn't want to live in the dorms. I think my first semester I was living at University Villas... and you know you're kind of like a deer in the headlights after your mission. You are not entirely sure who your friends are, and I started working the fall semester and moved into a different ward and social group, and that is when I really started opening up as a college student. And the Engineering program is what kind of turned me on to J Dawgs in the first place.

J: Did we do a cateing job for you up there or was it just proximity, or what?

L: Proximity and reviews from co-workers. My first job at BYU, I worked tech support for the University Office of IT and we were across the street.

J: So do you just come down at lunch time? Just walk on down and eat?

L; You know it!

J: Are those Red Wing? (Shoes)

L: Yup!

J: Those are nice, I like those- fancy. You are probably the only Engineer major with a fashion sense.

J: Have you gravitated? Have you been all over the board with what you get or are you kind of like the one guy that gets what he likes and sticks with it? Are you a polish guy? Beef guy?

L: Always polish.

J: Always? Have you tried the beef?

L: I've tried the beef, it just doesn't do it for me. It lacks the kick.

J: So what are your life plans? Design chips, live in Portland and go Vegan?

L: Haha well I don't think Vegan is in my life plans. I did it for a month acutally. I'm super into trying to minimalize lifestyle choices. If there is a simpler more effective way of doing something, and I guess that is part of being an engineer too, but if there is a simpler more effective way of doing something in the long run, I will give it a shot. I didn't really care though so it didn't work out.

J: What do you get on your dawg?

L: Always rated R (everything) with a splash of Tobasco.

J: Do you eat at any place more freqently?

L: Probably not.

J: What other places do you like to eat around town?

L: Anywhere with good Indian or Thai food.

J: Do you lilke it sweeter than saltier?

L: I like it spicy, Thai food is supposed to be spicy.

J: Did you ever get hooked ont he seasoning Delikat over in Romania during your mission?

L: Yes, it's fantastic!

J: Back to J Dawgs- back to you. What do you love about J Dawgs?

L: Honestly just quality of food is good and it is consistent. Consistency is a big deal for me. If I go to a place, I like to know that I am going to get the same quality of food every time. And I feel like if you go to J Dawgs, you know what you are going to get. It is consistency with quality. The food is good and it is always good.

J: I'll drink to that! How can we improve? How can we make your experience better?

L: Man that is a really good question. See I don't know if I would change much of anything. You have your thing that you do and you do best.

J: Are you happy with life? Are you feeling like your BYU expereince as a whole has been positive and wouldn't have been the same without J Dawgs?

L: Oh it wouldn't have beent he same without J Dawgs. Honestly every time I meet someone that goes to BYU and has never been to J Dawgs, a part of me dies. It is a fundamental BYU experience: "I go to BYU, I have been to J Dawgs and I eat there."

J: Leland what are the things you think we have to hit on as we continue to grow, to maintain the J Dawgs experience that we have going on in Provo?

L: Number one is the quality of the employees. If you don't have similar people working at all the locations that experience will get lost. I feel like the people that work at J Dawgs, and the music that is playing in the background and the atmosphere of the store in generall is just that the people seem happy to work there. And personally I don't think I could see myself frequenting a store that people don't seem happy to be working there.

J: You should go into business consulting but Portland is a great place; I think you are really going to like it. You will fit right in. Just stay off the weed.

L: Haha that won't be a problem.

J: Cool, it was nice talking with you man. Thanks for always coming back.

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