Check us out on KUTV

KUTV did a live spot from our new Salt Lake City location, which opens today. Watch one of the clips here and be sure to check out the other clips down the left side of the page too. Our SLC store opens at 11 AM, we are located at 341 S. Main St.

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This is the Place - J Dawgs in Salt Lake City

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We are excited to announce the opening of our Salt Lake location (finally)! We will be opening this Friday, July 29 at 11:00 at the historic Felt Building at 341 S Main Street. The Felt Building was constructed in 1909, the first concrete and steel building in the city. It has become an iconic and beloved part of Salt Lake City’s retail district and we are honored and happy to carry on the tradition (although we are told the Felt Building once served as a brothel, I guess some traditions were meant to die).

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The Real Faces of J Dawgs: Leland

Tobasco, Red Wing and DeliKat

Meet Leland- an Electrical Engineer Major at Brigham Young University who frequents the Provo store once or twice every week- sometimes more! Read on to learn more about Leland from his Lunch with Jay- we are certain you will like him as much as we do.

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